20130504 - Oklahoma City's Spring Train Show, Toy & Doll Show

Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Date: May 4-5, 2013



This is a series of short clips of the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Train & Hobby Show at the COTTEN layout. This show was May 4th & 5th 2013, sponsored by American Train & Hobby. If you would like to learn more about the club, please see the websites: COTTEN

Central Oklahoma T-Trak Trekkers Enjoying N-Scale = COTTEN
American Train and Hobby: [http://boxcar3.com]

The inner T-Trak line is analog. The parade includes an SNCF Double Deck TGV, DBAG double and quad interurban trains, an Arnold Rheingold train, a JNR train, a double deck train from the Czech Republic with Kuehn double deck cars behind the Czech-MTH (TH-Models) engine and a Fleischmann PKP Taurus pulling the Berlin Warsaw Express. You might not know TH-Models yet, so here is one site that may provide an introduction: [http://www.litomysky.cz/n/thmkt4783.htm]

The outer line is DCC and included freight trains of various vintages and a very long Super Chief. You can see the young engineers holding the DCC throttles with the charging plugs dangling out of their hands.

Visitors to the show were pretty good about fingers not toughing the trains, but the long sleeved coats on a cold day occasionally dragged across the carefully modeled details on the edges of several modules. When the signs at a show ask you politely to not touch the trains — it doesn't just mean fingers…Please watch your clothing too!

Did you see the fireflies around the campfire next to the lake? Some of these modelers are just amazing in their animations.

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