2024-01 Locomotion Weekend

Event Details

Location: Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh PA
Date: Jan 13 & 14, 2024
Time: 10am - 4pm both days

Admission: With General Admission to the Science Center

Sponsor: Carnegie Science Center

We have been invited to participate in the Carnegie Science Center's "Locomotion Weekend" — more details on the Science Center's website: https://carnegiesciencecenter.org/events/locomotion-weekend/

Our Biggest event to date!!!!

Some stats related to this show:

  • The Science center had approx. 5,700 people come threw the doors on Saturday and Sunday.
  • 16 people brought a total of 66 modules in the layout!
      • 5 standard corner module equivalents
      • 4 large corner modules
      • 89 SME (Single Module Equivalents)
      • 4 independent loops (two DCC and two DC)

With our 4 loops, we dedidated one loop to be our "Junior Engineer Loop" (labeled Loop C below). This was set up with a dedicated controller that kids and kids-at-heart could use to control the train on that loop. And with the passing siding in that loop, and with a little assistance from an ICNS member, we allowed kids to decide if they wanted to drive "the gold train" (a diesel locomotive) or drive "percy" (small green steam locomotive from Thomas and Friends).

  • The controller was made up of 3 elements - Engine Driver app on a cell phone, a bluetooth speaker to play the engine sounds, and a USB volume knob to make it easy for little kids to speed up/slow down the train.
  • Engine Driver app provided the sounds (it is part of that apps features)
  • The app also has a number of "kid friendly" settings —- so for example we were able to put a max speed limit — so no matter how much the kid turned the knob or pressed the "speed up" button, it would not exceed 60% .
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