33mm to 25mm pair

Built By:Josh Murrah


The goal of these two modules is to provide an adapter for any older modules that are running on the 25mm spacing standard. These modules would "bookend" any modules that are running the narrower standard. The core part of this mechanic is Kato's Unitrack to Unitram adapter, which provides a graceful/slight 4mm S-curve per line over 248mm, and come in a convenient two-pack. These were finished out with the 186mm concrete tie dual track segment that matches the conversion track, to form a single module, and then built in a pair.

I will be building a triple-sized light/sound/movement crossing and possibly a street-running scene, in 25mm to compliment these, since the chances of actually needing them for other 25mm modules is low.

One of the modules is simply an orchard or plantation presentation with non-descript ebay trees and static grass.

The other module is a bit more interesting, and has a curved section of unitrack that has been cut down to remove the bed and lower it and dressed out as abandoned rail, along with a derelict rail car and tie piles. There's also a concrete pad and driveway for an old dilapidated building, which I'll be adding later on, and the module is finished out with static grass and some ebay trees.

The only "to do" on these is the building and a cloud or two on the skyboard.

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