7ft Small Yard Set

Built By: John G

Description: This tiny yard is the east terminal end of my point-to-point layout. My major yard is at the west end (the 9ft Big Yard Set) but I needed a small yard / interchange / staging / turntable at the east end. This set is made of a triple, double and single module - the equivalent of 7 single modules in length and 14" deep. Since I use Atlas Flextrack I did not specify Kato parts - sorry. However it was designed to Kato as well so it could be created. Although designed as a terminal end, modules can be added to either end. The single module at the end can be changed from having a turntable to extending the classification and industry tracks for more storage/staging.

See my 9ft Big Yard Set for an explanation for why I use the "yellow" main as the yard lead and A/D. The blue oval is a passenger depot. The yellow hex is a small interchange spur. The green rectangle represents the general yard area though that really goes end to end. The purple triangle denotes that area is also used for a little staging. Finally, the red dots are industries.

This is part of my operations oriented layout.

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