9ft Big Yard Set

Built By: John G

Description: This is the large yard for my point-to-point operations oriented layout. It may never go to shows but could with the right setup. The yard is made of 3 modules not conforming to double or triple even increments however the overall set is 3 triples equivalent long. The yard is up to about 24" deep however the two mains are at the normal entry and exit for standard t-trak modules that are 14" deep.

Doing a good yard in t-trak is challenging, both because of depth and because of the double mainline. Initially I was going to have a separate yard lead from the double main, but on my overall layout the outer main is the MAIN and the inner main is used as the LOCAL and passing siding, so I decided to use the inner main as the yard lead and incoming trains need to cross over to the MAIN before entering the yard.

Because I have some one-way passenger trains I decided to squeeze in a turntable to turn the observation car and loco together. In addition to the yard there is an interchange and several industries. For me these modules are the Western terminus of my layout and acts as staging. If needed I can either extend the yard tracks for more staging or continue the mains to connect to other modules.

All turnouts are controlled by home-made hand levers at the front facia of each module similar to old interlocking levers and therefore there's no complex electrical, expensive switch machines, or reaching over tracks to manually switch the turnouts.

I pretty much do all my track work with Atlas Flextrack and turnouts with Kato end caps for joining modules, so I didn't mark the layout with Kato numbers, however it is compatible with and shows the full plastic ballast size of Kato track.

The blue oval represents a passenger depot. The yellow hex is a small interchange spur. The green rectangle represents the general yard area though that really goes end to end. The purple triangle denotes that area is also used for a little staging. Finally, the red dots are industries.

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