Built By: Mike Maloney

A _really_ quickly built double for our combined effort a the Amherst Railroad Hobby Show. This one needed to be ready in a matter of days!

This was built out of 1/2 foam core, and hot-glued similar to my other modules.
In order to get this done quickly, I masked and spray painted the streets with a gray Krylon primer. When dry, I brushed on some weathering chalks and used a super-fine sharpie to add tarred "crack" lines. (next time, add the crack lines BEFORE you use the chalk…)

Also tried something new this time around - again to minimize scenic creation/drying time. I used Google earth to locate an abandoned, knocked down factory and cut-n-pasted what's left of the foundation photos into my graphics program. When I got something that looked OK, I printed out on a regular color laser printer. Cut and pasted 2 or 3 sheets directly to the module top with Mod-Podge!

After this dried, I used regular methods to add dirt and weeds to the base.

This one also features some abandoned cut-off track, which is some Atlas code 80 flex left over from a previous layout.

Built and drying!

In the show layout:
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