Abergavenny Air Field - Quad / Siding

Built By:Peter S.

Description:This interesting module features the double main line, with a seperate branch line and passing loop.
In WW11 it was a special airfield backing up the protection of convoys from the States, but now a days, reduced to a small airfield near Abergavenny in Wales. It is only one of four airfields in the world to have a railway line crossing the runway.
The other three are Wynyard in North West Tasmania, Gisborne in New Zealand's North Island, and a place in Holland, Europe.
The old platform remains, and the old signal box controls trains crossing the runway. Train Orders ="Trains give way to Planes"
The runway is rather short, at nearly 600 scale feet. Just enough to allow a mark 4 spitfire to take off and land.
This is a standard Quad module = 1238mm x 300mm

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