Balloon Tracks (turnaround loops)

These balloon tracks, or end loops, are designed to make it possible to create free-form T-Trak layouts unrestricted by the necessity to "close the loop" or "close the bubble". Each picture includes a listing of the track pieces necessary to construct it, and the approximate dimensions of the module. Please be sure to lay out the track first and verify the dimensions… though because they are loops, only the ability to actually fit on the module is critical, as there is only a single interface.

You can use one of these in combination with a junction/interchange module to create an "arm" or "out and back" from the main layout, or use two to create a "dogbone" type layout. Make three loops, and you can run three sprawling free-form arms from a single junction in the middle!

Offset Balloon Track (1470mm x 730mm)

If you want to have the layout close to the front edge of the table, you will need to make two "mirror image" versions of this module.

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Minimal Offset Balloon Track (848mm x 600mm)

The tight turns of this design are not suitable for use with large modern equipment, but it goes well with the equally tight turns of the Double Wide Interchange track.

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Centered Balloon Track - Single track (1070mm x 743mm)

This module moves the layout back from the edge of the tables, allowing you a little more flexibility in using slight turns and giving you and parents a bit more time to react to curious small fingers.

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Centered Balloon Track with Siding (1070mm x 743mm)

The passing siding at the end of the layout gives you an additional setup track as well as the opportunity for running in opposing directions if desired.

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Minimal Centered Balloon Track with Siding (820mm x 600mm)

The tight radii of this module will limit the equipment you can run on it, but it makes a good match for the Double Width Interchange module that has the same restrictions.

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Minimal Centered Balloon for Single Track (580mm x 928mm)

This configuration is for a single-track branch line out and back, with a passing siding contained in the end loop. Tight turns on this one too.
Obviously, this module creates an electrical reverse loop. You'll need to gap it just beyond the wye, and (for DCC) have an autoreverser module installed.

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Centered Balloon Track with Siding and Yard (1070mm x 743mm)

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