About Me

N scale model railroader for over 20 years. I model the freelanced Class 1 Bethlehem-Ares Railroad.

  • No Club Affiliation
  • Alternate (33mm) spacing, concrete ties
  • Digitrax DCC
  • Hamilton/Fairfield OH metro area (Near Jungle Jim's)

My Modules

My first T-Trak showing - two 180 corners, two single straights. Built just 2 weeks before the event, our community treelighting ceremony in December 2013. T-Trak doesn't have to be big to be fun!


Superelevated 180 A
Superelevated 180 B

Superelevated 45 degree corner (A) (For free-form dogbone style layout)
Superelevated 45 degree corner (B) (For free-form dogbone style layout)

Single Passenger Station
Single Homes with Power
Single Cell Phone Tower
Single Home

Double Helipad (under construction0
Double with Siding (A) (under construction)
Double with Siding (B) (under construction
Double (under construction)

Balloon Loop A (under construction)
Balloon Loop B (under construction)

Triple Interchange (under construction)
Double with Siding (B) (under construction)

Quad Einewinkle Chemicals (Inglenook game)

Construction Articles

Building a Quad (4x standard length) T-Trak Module

  • Solving some of the problems that arise with a quad module.

Making Chain Link Fence

  • How to make chain link fencing in N scale.

Double Tracking a Plate Girder Bridge

  • Making one bridge from two.

Foam Topped Modules

  • Super-lightweight construction that doesn't sacrifice strength

Double and Triple Length Interchange Modules

  • Interchange modules that do not require matching sets on opposite side of the layout. NOTE: NOT intended for making a "bubble" in the way traditional "Steve Jackson Junctions" do.

Balloon Tracks (turnaround loops)

  • End Loop or Balloon modules that allow a dogbone or arm from the main layout.

Expandable Loops

  • Used in conjunction with two standard alternate spacing 90 degree corners or a 180 degree end cap, these modules open up the possibility of creating a T-Trak layout that feels like it's actually going somewhere.

My Trains

Running on the Orlando N-Trak club layout, before the move back to Ohio.


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