Barry Fisher

I have been modelling T-Trak in Australia since March 2005. I originally moved dioramas that I had made in N onto single modules to build up my collection. I model mostly Australian, but occasionally an international Loco will appear on my roster.

I have been involved in a few exhibitions in Melbourne, Victoria , Australia. The main event has been the annual Sandown March exhibition where T-Trak has always had a very good reception from the viewing public. But maybe not an overwhelming response from the diehard prototype modellers in N scale, that exist everywhere across the world.

We have a few interested modellers in Victoria, which gives us a bit of variety when setting up for an exhibition.

I love the modelling aspect of a T-Trak module, trying to create a perfect diorama that looks good from all 4 directions and sits well by itself and also blends well with a variety of neighbours when in a running day setup.

As of September 2023 the list of modules has grown to a significant 38 in total. I have built a set of racks to transport most of the modules to local exhibitions.


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