BBMRA T-TRAK-HO Modules - Crabapple Knob Wildfire

Built By:Phillip D. Weston
Description:This 28" x 28" T-Trak HO Corner Module depicts wildland firefighters responding to a wildfire on Crabapple Knob. Here the hotshot crew is supported by hose lays from gravity flow blevit water tanks that were airlifted to the Knob by helicopters from the helibase in the valley across the tracks. Additional hose lays are from the Type 6 Engine and Water Tender on the right. The fire is replicated by a flickering fire set of LED lights and two smoke makers. Additional lighting at the helibase has a 12 volt power source. The helicopters can be called upon to ferry personnel, supplies, equipment, provide water bucket drops, observation, recon and/or emergency medivacs.

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