BBMRA T-TRAK-HO Modules - Industry Junction - Module 1

Built By: Phillip D. Weston

Description: Our BBMRA HO Division show layout is comprised of 2 tracks and its about 30 feet long and it takes quite a long time for 2 locomotive/trains to make the loop. We decided that we could provide more action for the viewers and the operators by inserting a pair of junction modules creating 2 inner loops and 1 outer loop that will allow us the opportunity to independently operate 3 trains under the assumption that More Trains = More Fun!

The base modules are CMR Products Standard Junction Module Kits which are 28" wide and 45 5/8" long and are laser cut wooden kits. The kits fit together beautifully and even include track identification and placement pattern, height adjusters and holes that allow attaching the Kato tracks from underneath with tiny screws.

I placed 2 small start up industries along with figures and vehicles on each module with dark wet/dry sandpaper for the parking lots and several layers of 2/4/6 static grasses applied to round out the scenery.
I did not apply additional trees or other scenery that would stick up because these modules are large and expect to be bumped around during transport and show set up.

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