BBMRA T-TRAK-HO Modules - Intermodal Freight Svcs-Module 2

Built By:Phillip D. Weston

Description: Intermodal Freight Services is a pair of double straight modules (39" x 24") that display the activity of an intermodal shipping facility, including Mi-jack Crane, Kalmar Container Forklift, Containers of 20, 40 & 48 feet lengths, Tractor trailers with container loads, spare trailers, fueling station, deck worker office, and main business office. Containers arrive at this site via tractor trailers and they are then stored for shipping via various well or flat cars. The containers are then moved from storage by Kalmar lift and placed for handling and loading via the large MI-jack Crane. On the siding the containers may be loaded individually on a well car or double stacked depending upon their weight. When different length containers are double stacked the shorter and heavier containers are on the bottom and the longer and lighter containers are on the top. Security is high at the shipping center and police with search dogs are often seen checking the containers and tractor trailers

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