BBMRA T-TRAK-HO Modules - Pappy's Pecan Orchard

Built By:Phillip D. Weston

Description:This T-Trak HO Double Module with Siding depicts a typical Fall day harvesting & shipping Pecans at Pappy's Pecan Orchard. The pecan trees are twisted wire with sparsely applied colored leaf clumps. Pecans are normally harvested after the majority of the leaves have fallen. The harvesting equipment consists of a tractor pulled mower to reduce the vegetation and enhance the collection of the pecans, followed by the tree shaker which wraps around each tree and quickly shakes the pecans from the trees, finally the pecan roller sweeps up the pecans and transfers them to the harvest wagon for transport to the shed. The pecans are then cleaned, sized, graded, bagged and placed on pallets for rail shipping.

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