BBMRA T-TRAK-HO Modules - Sheep Cote Farm

Built By:Phillip D. Weston

Description: This T-Trak HO Double Module depicts a typical day at the Sheep Cote Farm which is located in mountainous southwest VA. In this part of the state the underlying rock often comes to the surface and the soils are generally shallow creating an area that has supported sheep grazing over the years. The people still use border collies to herd or gather the sheep. Early in my career I often passed this farm as a young forester working for the Jefferson National Forest in fact one of my first assigned jobs was to locate and mark for sale some of the remaining dead boles of American chestnut. Those old dead boles were then used to make chestnut split rails for split rail fencing. That's the reason I surrounded this farm in split rails just as it was in those past days. The interiors of the buildings are lighted by 12 volt lighting, and static grass is used on the ungrazed portions of the module.

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