About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak


Got back into model railroading after a 15 year hiatus. Previously, I was an avid NTRAK modeler.

When Joe P showed me a ttrak layout at the Lubbock Model Railroad Association's 2009 playday, I was hooked. Been building modules like crazy ever since. Current count is around 28 in various stages of construction. I have 3 that I would consider completed. I have 8 that are usable in shows, i.e. they at least have ground cover.

I am modeling a fictitious world I call Pinedale (I like pine trees). Lots going on, and I'll try to remember to update this wiki with my progress.

My Modules

My Module Sets

  • Pinedale Engine Terminal consisting of three doubles which can all be used independently if needed. These modules are currently on the workbench. They are getting a major track plan renovation on the back siding tracks. All tracks will be electrified and the turntable might be motorized. I'm still working on a plan for that. When all of that is complete, additional structures, details and scenery will be added.

My Trains

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