Brian Heap

About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

I am trying to start a new club in Arizona as none exist right now. T-TRAK is nice due to the small easily transportable modules, easily stored anywhere, and a few people can meet, bring their modules and be running trains on a table in a few minutes;
I've been in N scale for over 30 years, and love N scale.
My own railroad is the Diablo Canyon RR, and my locos and cars are lettered for that.

I don't have any modules built yet, but will have within a month, waiting on a kit from Ntrak. Will be cutting plywood for more modules next week when I get to my table saw.

If you live in AZ and are interested, email me at >moc.liamg|cilohrotcart#moc.liamg|cilohrotcart<

My Modules

My Trains

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