Brian Mills

About Me

I got my first train set (a Bachmann N scale set) for Christmas when I was 8. I always wanted a layout, but all the work and money just to get started before ever running a train was just too much, and I never had a space to build a permanent layout. Fast forward to 2018 and I found T-TRAK at the NMRA show in Kansas City. Finally, a way to build a model railroad that I could actually handle! Now I have enough (mostly) bare modules to build a complete 8 foot layout and I'm beginning to add scenery so I can call them finished.

My Modules

N - Marshmallow Fields Forever
N - Badgercat Manufacturing
N - Warehouse 13
N - Industrial Inside Corner 1
N - McDonnell Yard Left
N - McDonnell Yard Crossover
N - McDonnell Yard Right
N - Globe Drive-In
Z - Zeƶwood Forest
Z - Thunderhead Mesa
Z - Always Winter
Z - Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal!

My Daughter's Modules

Glitter Mountain Curve
Glitter Mountain Junction
Glitter Mountain Station
Glitter Mountain Tunnel

My Trains

3 of my locomotives on my club's T-TRAK layout
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