Bridge To Nowhere

Built By: MPTT

Description: I built this module with my son in 2017, who wanted to have a road alongside the railway. After a walk round town to look for inspiration, we decided on a bridge over a river with deep concrete sides. The road was originally intended to line up with some roads on any more modules we built, but we decided that there wasn't really enough width on a 210mm module to do much with the road so the idea was quietly dropped… And the module was christened "The Bridge to Nowhere" as a result! This module has made occasional appearances in Monkton Park Primary School T-Trak Club layouts.


Here's the module in a layout at a W5TAG meet in August 2022. In accordance with UK model railway tradition, the bridge has to have a bus parked on it although, in a nod to practicality, I put it at the bus stop rather than on the bridge itself.

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