Bulwark Yard - spur

Built By: Kevin S

Description: The second double (and required) module to the Bulwark yard. Should be used with Bulwark Yard - lead to the left. Modules to the right are optional. The three additional tracks that make up the yard all end with the Kato extension pieces. This allows them to be pulled and not interfere with connected modules when those modules are not part of the yard.*

Seen below, the adjustable track is 'closed', clearing the edge of Camper's Corner without having to remove the unijoiners. This is it's common configuration here at home.

flickr:53159593667 flickr:53332906317

Since the yard only services the yellow track, I have added a Kato Re-railer piece to the red track on this module to assist getting trains on red when this may be our only yard. After the first show, I decided to add a re-railer to the yellow line as well as seen in the track plan image below. (Although, usually we have the Punxsutawney Yard (Set) at shows)

The third track holds a local industry (Frac Sand? Concrete? IDK yet what I want here, but something to take covered hoppers and reminiscent of the yellow towers in Rook Yard. :-D )


[NOTE TO SELF — THIS MIGHT BECOME A SHORT TUTORIAL? Combined with the clipping of Unijoiner wing?]

** This is accomplished by replacing a 124mm section of track with 38mm + the adjustable track. When closed, this gives a -8mm difference, so the track is 7mm in from the edge instead of 1mm overhanging. (and the unijoiner sticks out 7mm from the edge of the track, so the closed up adjustable track sits clear/even with the edge of the module.)

With the adjustable track length being 78mm to 108mm, the difference with a 124mm track piece can be from -8 to 22mm:
Track Option Difference
38mm + 78mm (shortest) -8mm
38mm + 108mm (longest) 22mm

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