BW-Par Three

Built By: Bob Wilcox

Description: Par Three is a double module that features a single fairway on a golf course. Using selective compression, the fairway is roughly equivalent to a short par three hole. The tree are all from JTT, a mixture of N scale and HO scale trees. The HO trees more closely represent the old growth 70'-80' trees of a mature golf course in the Midwest and Eastern USA. A Shapeways golf cart will be added as soon as it arrives from the manufacturer. The scenery base is combination of foam core and Perma-Scene, covered with a mix of scenery materials from Woodland Scenics and other sources. The sand traps were first formed by cutting out the foam core, lining the space with Perma-Scene, smoothing the surface with latex caulk, and finished with flat white paint and Dul-Cote.'

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