Castle On The Hill

Built By: MPTT

Description: A simplified model of a section of a castle wall based loosely on Framlingham Castle in Suffolk, England. Framlingham is the castle referred to in the Ed Sheeran song "Castle On The Hill".

This module is built using Celotex insulation board for the hills on an 11mm OSB box base. The castle is made of cardboard wrapped with Scalescenes flint texture paper; it is a simple structure with limited details, but it has the distinctive curtain wall open-backed towers of Framingham.

The module was a project for the Spring 2019 term when the children were studying the Tudors. Surprisingly, we were able to incorporate a reference to this in our T-Trak module : Framingham castle was Mary Tudor’s military base when she deposed Lady Jane Grey in July 1553.

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