Coastal Alabama T-TRAK

Location: Mobile, AL

T-Trak Standards: 33mm Spacing

Contact Information: moc.liamg|karttamabalalatsaoc#moc.liamg|karttamabalalatsaoc


Coastal Alabama T-TRAK (CATT)'s mission is focused on prototype N scale model railroading based on the T-TRAK modular system. CATT modules are designed to showcase N scale, and T-TRAK, as a modelers' scale and medium.
Although fully supporting individual tastes in T-TRAK, CATT modules focus on prototype modeling and don't/won't include 'fantasy' or 'gimmick' modules; instead, modeling prototype in as fine scale as N scale and T-TRAK can permit. CATT modules will ALWAYS be built to exact T-TRAK standards so that they will always be able to participate in T-TRAK layouts as they were designed to do. CATT modules regularly participate in the SWARMTrak group's (a local T-TRAK group) events and functions.

Club Events, Members and Modules

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