Coastal Alabama T-TRAK

Location: Mobile, AL

T-Trak Standards: 33mm Spacing

Contact Information: moc.liamg|karttamabalalatsaoc#moc.liamg|karttamabalalatsaoc

CATT (Coastal Alabama T-TRAK) is an N scale T-TRAK modular Model Railroad, with its main 'headquarters' located on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, on the Alabama Gulf Coast. CATT's mission is to promote N scale T-TRAK, and model railroading in general, by showcasing T-TRAK modules that are finely detailed and prototypically representative of railroading in the United States. CATT hopes to illustrate that N scale is, indeed, a modeler's scale and that the T-TRAK concept can be a fine scale modeler's medium. To this end, the CATT modules participate in layouts with the local T-TRAK group, SWARMTRAK, at various train shows and events in the region, helping to educate model railroaders, prospective model railroaders, and the general public, about both, model railroading, and railroad history in the United States.
Coastal Alabama T-TRAK (CATT)'s mission is focused on prototype N scale model railroading based on the T-TRAK modular system. CATT modules are designed to showcase N scale, and T-TRAK, as a modelers' scale and medium.
Although fully supporting individual tastes in T-TRAK, CATT modules, in particular, focus on prototype modeling and don't/won't include 'fantasy' or 'gimmick' modules; instead, modeling prototype in as fine scale as N scale and T-TRAK can permit. CATT modules will ALWAYS be built to exact T-TRAK standards, as it concerns wiring and connectivity, so that they will always be able to participate in T-TRAK layouts as they were designed to do. CATT modules regularly participate in the PMRC's (Pensacola Model Railroad Club) T-TRAK Division layouts.
Catt Modules have been displayed at the Kato USA booth on a number of occasions, and have been featured in Model Railroader magazine's MRVP Plus. Catt modules are regular participants in The National T-TRAK Layout


Club Events, Members and Modules

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