Corrugated Curve

Built By: Jeff Faust

Description: reverse loop module, 20" x 36" overall. Curve radius: 8" ( Tight curvature matches that of the Gopher Valley Central, with which it exhibits). Atlas Code 80 track on cork roadbed with Unitrack transitions at interface. Isolated reversing section is powered via Digitrax AR-1 auto-reverser circuit for DCC use. Power feeders may be attached to terminal strip on underside. Trailing-point (when right-hand running) spur serving Pikestuff industrial structure. Dark green fascia.

Other modules visible in photo at right (from closest): Cryptic Creek Tunnel, Little Chenango River Bridge, Feasible Flats E, Feasible Flats W, South Sinnemahoning, Gopher Valley Central.

This module features corrugated cardboard construction, which has proven lightweight and surprisingly durable at nearly a dozen shows to date. I used Elmers to laminate some structural members underneath, and hot glue for final assembly. T-nuts are hot-glued to the underside to accommodate adjustable feet.

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