Dave Ferrari

About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

I'm Dave Ferrari, the President of Northern New Jersey N-Trak. I am the one who was interested in starting a T-Trak Division. I formed our T-Trak committee and to get things going I ordered several kits from T-Kits.com. I now have the following kits completed or under construction:

My Modules

Hot Dog Caboose Module (Wortendyke Station, Midland Park, NJ)
Wortendyke Station Lead Track (Left End Siding Entrance)
Mill Pond Double
Rock Cut (Corner) Module
Kukien Bros. Lumber Module
Wyckoff Station/Bergen Brick Module
Team Track on Siding (Right End)
7-11 Siding Extension Single
Waste Transfer Facility (Triple-wide)
Farm Corner set (2 standard corners)
Farm Corner 1
Farm Corner 2
Hackbarth Castle Endcap
Junction with Through Route
McDonald's Inside Corner
Goffle Brook Jackson Junction
Tank Farm Deep Triple
Sicomac Ave Crossing Single

I will make their module pages live as soon as they are completed. Below is a photo of the early version of my first T-Trak layout. The modules are already further along.


My Trains

NYS&W (Susquehanna) C&D Debris Train nick named "Trash Train"
Erie-Lackawanna freights and passenger trains
Amtrak AutoTrain
Weathered Train

Other Pages

Battery Power for T-Trak
I have a Z scale layout too. I recently got a Rokuhan RC-02 power pack so that I could run my sectional roadbed track layout without having to plug it into AC. One look at the track power connector and I realized it was probably the same as the Kato plug. Indeed it is, now I can power Kato Unitrack with my battery powered controller. It takes 8 AAA batteries. Here are some photos of the unit:


Besides this power pack, Rokuhan also makes a larger pack with built in turnout controls. Since I don't have that one I can't test it with Kato turnouts. Both the Rokuhan power packs can also be powered by an AC adapter but it is only included with the large RC-01, which uses 8 AA batteries. Both have terminals on the side to accept the Rokuhan R023 Additional Turnout Switch. I am not sure this will accept a Kato Turnout. InterMountain Railway company is the exclusive North American importer of Rokuhan products and any of their dealers can get these items.

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