David S.

About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

Being an old Electronics Tech, T-Trak and DCC and/or DC operations have always interested me.
To build "Little Barrow Jctn" on a 1238 x 400mm board has be a challenge for nearly a year.
Just seeing the kids faces glued with expectation, watching this module, regardless of what passes
through on the main line, justifies the hours spent on it's construction.
The Wide Corners make up a complete circle with a radius of 630mm.
Cymru 1., Cymru 2., and Cymru 3. are all standard simplistic generic Quad units which show the
ballasted T-Trak as the main line.
"Cymru" is welsh for "Wales" in the UK.
These modules stack neatly one on top of each other, with the backboards removed.
(See the small raised sections on the pool grass mat as feet.)

My Modules

Little Barrow Jctn - Quad / Tunnel
Wide Corner A - Cnr
Wide Corner B - Cnr
Wide Corner C - Cnr
Wide Corner D - Cnr
Cymru 1. - Quad
Cymru 2. - Quad
Cymru 3. - Quad

My Trains

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