Built By: Bob Myers

Description: Davis is a three module set of shallow depth modules (168mm). It consists of two 372mm long modules with turnouts to provide single to double track conversion and a double track single station scene. The siding modules can be used to interface with a two track layout or to provide a siding. The station module makes the siding a short but practical length. Standard T-Trak modules can extend the siding.

The name Davis comes from the fact that the station is a Showcase Miniatures 'Ft. Davis' station kit. I live in Evanston, IL, and a major downtown street is Davis. Davis has both a CTA and Metra (ex-C&NW, now UP) station on it, so it seems like a logical name for a station stop.


Front view of set


From the rear





Full disclosure: as of 6/25/2012 the turnouts don't have switches to control where the power goes. power flows from both legs to the heel, so without some insulating joiners, this works best as DCC single track.

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