BW-Diamond Tool

Built By: Bob Wilcox

Description: The Diamond Tool set was originally constructed before I joined the North Texas T-TRAK club. It gets its name from the Diamond Tool company that occupies one of the modules. The two main modules are the mini size as defined by the original T-TRAK specifications. Recently, an extension was added to the back of the modules to make them more conforming in appearance to the rest of the club's modules. The extension is constructed of foam pieces glued together with scenery added. The backstory is that the owner of the Diamond Tool company was sick and tired of hearing customers and employees barking about the lack of parking space, so he purchased the property next door just to build a larger parking lot. What a guy!

UPDATE: 2023/08/21 The Diamond Tool set has been refurbished and is again ready to be included in a show roster.

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