East Conundrum

Page Construction Begun 3/9/'21, photos to follow (and also available @ https://twitter.com/KeithADart?s=09 "#KATOttrakprogress")

Conceived, designed, & constructed in a very few short weeks after several vendor shortcomings, off-site production delays, (and blizzards wreaking havoc on logistics, etc!), caused the scrapping of not one, but rather, two other, prior concepts and intentions, this is my 1st ever T-Trak Module, as well as Kato T-Trak Worldwide Builder Contest Entry.

East Conundrum is an asymetrically-tracked ("yet, still, 'BWWB'-wired!") Double Crossing Dual with a Main Line Crossover that depicts my imaginary figmentation of a 'Rural Industrial River Valley', where the Pushmepullyu & Jabberwocky {Class II} crosses the Odarkhunnert Hyballenthroo main line, and interchanges with the local Branch Line Jct. of the 'Dratfuu, Phyddlestyx, & Tahellenback' Industrial Svc. line — this busy, and ambitious little country "Hādēs' ½ acre" quadrangle ultimately aspires to expand, and connect with its own numerous shunted sidings, while also still even managing to squeeze in the former local passenger depot that's since been rehabbed, & converted into a nearby local Train museum in both full, & "miniature" ["1/25,600"] scales ("@NMRA HQ")…

"All abooooooard!"

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