East Yard

Built By: Barry Fisher


The East yard forms the second half of my yard it can be used in many different ways as a quad with the West Yard or using a variety of spacers between the ends. It can be as a total yard as a 5 or 6 single equivalents or. Using an inside corner module it can wrap around to extend the yard length, this is how it is used at home, in my Train Room.

At our recent exhibition I debuted it with full scenery. It has been blank for a few years in use at home.


At exhibitions there is an acrylic barrier as the outer main line approaches the edge of the module. The sign on the module is our only barrier from the public and small children's hands. It works remarkable well an we have never considered using any more substantial. The public appreciate being able to get close-up to our modules.

Construction: Built 2016 , scenery March 2021

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