BW-Echo Canyon

Built By: Bob Wilcox

Description: Echo Canyon is a set made up of two triple modules. The river bed was cut out of the module top and dropped to a lower level. The canyon was built up from foam and coated with modeling compound that was colored with various mixtures of diluted ink in different colors. Woodland Scenics water material was poured into the river after various rock mixtures were also stained with inks. The module was created to provide some scenic variation, to allow the trains to pass through something and disappear for a moment. Care was taken to assure vertical and side clearances.

2017-09-12%2013.38.31%20%282%29.jpg 2017-09-12%2013.39.47.jpg

2017-09-12%2013.43.01.jpg 2017-09-12%2013.41.53.jpg
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