Built By: Mike Maloney

Description: Mirrored Balloon Loops with 315mm (12 3/8") Radius curves

Built out of foam core (what else? LOL)

Module dimensions: Quad length (48 3/4") x 29" on the long side and 13 1/4" on the mating end.

Here's what it looks like in AnyRail:

Track Pieces:
20-120 315mm (12 3/8") Radius 45º Curve Track [5 pcs]
20-000 248mm (9 3/4") Straight Track [4 pcs]
20-110 R248mm (11 7/64") Radius 45º Curve Track [1 pcs]
20-040 62mm (2 7/16") Straight Track [1 pcs]
20-070 45.5 mm (1 51/64") Straight Track (from small track assortment 20-091) [2 pcs]

Add Photos of modules here:
Cut the top and test fitting track

AS of this date: 22-DEC-2016, I have two mirrored, unsceniced loops. They are not really suitable for travel unless you have a larger vehicle. I currently use them back-to-back as a test track, and they fit nicely on an 8 foot table with a little overhang at each end.

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