Eric George

What I Like Most About T-Trak

I've been involved in T-Trak for about 5 years. I like the fact that we can usually setup our layout in less than an hour. After the event we can be out the door and gone in less than 30 minutes.

Email: mailto://

My Modules

Abandoned Apartments
Bolt Head Lake
Smiley's Salvage Yard
CMRRA Yard Power Module

Nadesico Township Set

My Trains

A pike sized B&O passenger train consisting of an F7A, F7B, a baggage/combine, 2 coaches, and a lounge car offering 1st class seating and food service. The F7 units are Bachmann and are not dcc (yet). The rest of the train is a mix of ConCor and Atlas/Rivarossi cars.
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