ESK May 2022

Built By: Dan

Description: A scene on the East Suffolk Line (ESK) in May 2022. There are young crops in the field on the right and the bushes on the lineside are in flower. There was a wide grassy margin between the crops and the railway boundary fence for some reason. This is the first time I have tried to create a bush with blossom: I used clumps of Woodland Scenics foliage, applied some small dots of glue and dipped the bush in model snow to give the impression of the white flowers I saw.


This module makes a pair of 33mm to 25mm track spacing transitions with ESK August 2022.

The module had its first public exhibition at the Swindon Railway Festival 2023. One of the joys of T-Trak is the trains don't always suit the scenery: in the photo below, a GWR class 800 is speeding through the fields of East Suffolk - on the other side of England from where the real trains actually operate.

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