Expandable Loops

Expandable Loops

These loops open up a lot of possibilities for running and operations, so I thought they should have their own section.

While they've got a lot in common with the end loops I posted on another page (see sidebar) this design can enable a creative planner to greatly expand the possibilities of a T-Trak layout.

The common denominator of all these "expandable" loops is that they are all created to connect to the 14.362 inch/364.8mm alternate spacing corners made with either single or double track 282/315mm curves.

You can use either separate 90 degree corners, or a 180 degree end cap with them. The ultimate usage of these would be to run a single line of modules along one table, then open it up to a town scene much like a regular "bubble" on the next, put another one of these on the other end and continue, creating villages, towns, and cities like beads on a chain.

The parts lists are only for the red portions of the drawings. It is assumed you have either corners or end caps to use with these.

Expandable Loop to Two Tracks, #6 turnouts (670mm x 720mm)

This version uses #6 turnouts, but also a lot of small pieces to make things come out even. You might want to put feeder connectors periodically on this one to avoid potential electrical problems.

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Expandable Loop to Two Tracks, #4 Turnouts (670mm x 720mm)

Using #4 turnouts makes the geometry a lot neater, because they're made to work with the 33mm distance between centerlines.

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Expandable Loop to One Track, #6 turnouts (737mm x 720mm)

This version reduces to a single track, perfect for a track out of a small town, or the spur to a factory in the woods.

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Expandable Loop Usage Example

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While not specifically to scale, this example should stir your imagination about some of the things that might be accomplished with T-Trak.

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