Fisher Station Quad

Built By: Barry Fisher


This was my first ever attempt at a quad length module and so it has gone through a long development stage from inception and various trials of both scenery and track. I originally had installed #4 points as the main crossovers, but over zealous application of ballast destroyed them. I decided to replace them with the newer single crossovers from Kato and have been relatively pleased with them.


I have added a third local main onto the module which enables me to have a secure run around in my home layout environment. A small stub track stops it on the East end on the platform, but on the West end the third main continues to an inside corner which extend the station environs.


The longer quad provides a great deal of scenic possibility. This has slowed down the progress on the build time of this module. The station building were based on plans and photos of a small station in a country location of the Victorian central region in Australia. Trentham was on a single track mainline on a branch-line in the hills that served wood production in the early 20th century. The platform and station buildings are my attempt to recreate this Victorian Railways environment.


All the points are powered using a couple of Digitrax stationary decoder systems.


Unfortunately, the quad style will not fit into my module racks to take to exhibitions, but a test run has shown it just fits across the back seat of my car. It hasn't made it to an exhibition as yet.

Constructed: from 2017 - Sept 2023

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