Folding Staging Yard

Built By: John G

Description: This is a staging yard is the equivalent of 8 singles long (2480 mm), is fairly light and folds in the middle for quick and easy portability. It has two staging sidings for each mainline, insulated cross-overs between mainlines, and service/industry spurs along the back, of which one could be a programming track. Stick a UP5 on the front and we’re ready for the next show.

Blocks were added under the hinges so the track - which simply butts up in alignment, at least for now - clears itself as the halves are folded. At the other end we use a pair of clasp latches. All inexpensive parts from the local hardware store.

This was a group effort by John G and Jim M.

Here's the module unfolded on a table. Sorry for the weird perspective.staging-module-folded.jpg
This is the module folded and latched for transport.staging-module-hinges.jpg
A close-up of the hinges, showing the blocks added so the track clears itself.

2019 follow-up: We've used the Folding Staging Yard at 5 or 6 exhibitions so far and it has performed flawlessly. Not a single derail across the hinged middle track separations. It's been quick to deploy and having a staging yard has been very helpful.

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