Francesc REINOSO


Born in 1962 and when I was a child I started with the electric trains of different scales. At 12 old I started with the N-Scale trains and I have not stopped since then. My incursion at T-TRAK was in 2014 that I started looking for module information. In the fall of 2015, it already had the foundations of several modules, triple, corners, finals, crosses and in 2016 along with a friend who presented T-TRAK at a state fair. In that year, we created the A.M. F. T-TRAK NORDESTE to promote it.
From then on, I have increased my collection of modules and collaborating with fans who had to create their modules.
In these years he created and developed a lot of information referring to T-Trak for these friends who join and promote activities aimed at promoting T-TRAK.
The main difficulty is that the fans who follow me make modules according to the T-Trak N. that they do not deviate towards the bad customs of models or diverse norms that do not coincide with T-Trak: use modules and make a railway modeling model open. Complicate the module structure because they think these solutions are better.

My Modules
Pla de Margalef: Representation road twins at the railroad in two Triples and in an End the road cross the rails ups by a bridge
EstaciĆ³ de Borges: a Double with a bridge, a station in a Triple, other Triple whit station complements and olive oil industry, and finally a Double, closing the scenario.
My VINTAGE modules: three Double, they can be exchanged on two, representing somewhat old railway scenes: 1880, 1900, 1920; according to its constructions and structures
Some one group are Pla de Vilanoveta, a centre ballon with two especial translation "double" modules and a Final. The scenario is different industries, distributions centrers, carryshops, cooperative barns

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