Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Bill N

Looking for anyone in the South Florida area who is interested in building and displaying T-Trak modules. If you are interested, contact me at: ten.etag|relgnarw#ten.etag|relgnarw


About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

I've lived in South Florida all my life and am a life member of the NMRA and the Sunshine Region, as well as a member of the ECHOES HO modular group in Miami, and the Florida On30 Renegades modular group. I like the compact size and light weight of T-Trak modules, which makes them easy to build, store, transport, and set up. You can enjoy T-Trak modules without suffering back pain!

My Modules

I've built close to 20 T-Trak modules so far, including four ninety degree corners and two 180 degree end curves, most of which have little or no scenery yet, at this point. They have been run using both DC and DCC power. I have set them up at a Sunshine Region Convention and also demonstrated the T-Trak concept at a local multi-scale model railroad club.

My Trains

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