N - Glitter Mountain Tunnel

Built By: Brian Mills, with help from his wife and daughter

Part of the Glitter Mountain set of modules, that form an independent inside loop and connect to the end of a set of modules. This module features a tunnel through Glitter Mountain, with LED lights that flash in various patterns. The module also is the central power hub for Glitter Mountain Station and Glitter Mountain Curve.

This module is powered, equipped with Anderson Powerpole connectors wired blue-white blue-white, as per club standards. It also features a 12 volt DC power bus, also equipped with Anderson Powerpole connectors.

DS2_5310.jpg DS2_5311.jpg

The full Glitter Mountain set:
N - Glitter Mountain Curve
N - Glitter Mountain Junction
N - Glitter Mountain Station
N - Glitter Mountain Tunnel
N - Glitter T-1-TRAK Adapter Left
N - Glitter T-1-TRAK Adapter Right

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