Guidelines for Adding Modules and Club Members to Site

Also see Overview of How Pages Interconnect

Adding A module Page

The easiest way to add a new module page is to navigate to your club's main module page and use the "Add New Module Page" button. Instructions are listed in the new module page while it is in edit mode.

Tags you can add to your module:
For the size use: "single", "double", "triple", "quad", "corner", "junction" or "yard"
If the module is part of a set, in addition to the size tag add: "set"
If it has track power drops use: "power"
For specific scenery use: "water", "snow", 'tunnel', "bridge", "station", etc.
For powered effects use: "LED", "lights", "sound", "motorized", "smoke"
For specific theme categories use: "Scifi", etc.

This will help visitors find your modules via the TAG cloud in the right hand page navigation.

If the "Add New Module Page" button was not used it will be necessary to set the PARENT page for proper navigation.
Read How to Set Parent Page.

Adding a Club Page.

Use North Texas T Trak Modular Railroad Club as an example.

If needed create Region or Country pages and set the appropriate parent for each level. If you prefer you can send a message to Vic McTee on this wiki and he will attach your club page for you. Be sure to include your club name, location (city, state), and any web or Facebook links in the message.


Create a page for yourself.
Use this as an example: Steve B

  • The key is to have your name and links to your modules.
  • Adding a picture of yourself is optional.
  • Adding pictures of your trains is also optional.

If your name is already in use, just add your middle initial or add a number to make it unique. Example: "Steve B 2"

If you belong to only one club:

  • Make that club's member page the PARENT page for the person.

If you belong to more than one club:

  • Pick one as your default and make that your parent page.
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