Stump Gum Set

Built By: John G

Description: Stump Gum is a takeoff of the classic Gum, Stump & Snowshoe switching layout from the 1960s. I wanted to try a few ideas.

a) joining complicated module sets with something simple such as clasp latches, no track joins.
b) making a complete home switching layout in a double-triple set with yard and industries while being compatible with t-trak.
c) making elevation changes within a module on non-mainline track.
d) seamless and smooth transition from Unitrak to flextrack.

You can see a write-up of the concept and result on our website at

The module runs perfectly without any derailments, especially at the module joins where there are five tracks crossing at angles and elevations. Power between the two modules is connected via PowerPole plugs at the module back which is inset 1/2" under the scenery to allow for the plugs and fingers. The modules are completely compatible with T-Trak wiring standard blue-white, white-blue, though to use the crossovers you need to switch the polarity of the yellow main, which our club does for virtually all our exhibitions. Packing up is easy - unclasp the latches, attach the square end panels to one module and then the other to form a crate.

The only drawback is that it is not convenient to do switching during an exhibition if the modules are part of a larger layout where others are running trains, because in order to pick up or set out cars at the industries on the hill, the loco has to pull cars from the yard out onto the yellow main, then do a run-around using the red main, in order to pull the cars up the first leg of the switchback. And there just never is enough time to do that before the next through freight is passing through town. This would be an excellent stand-alone display or a tiny oval all it's own using additional modules. Otherwise it is just pretty and interesting trackage and scenery.

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