House Rules

Before you join this wiki, do you agree with the following?:

  1. Respect the views of others. T-Trak is a hobby. Keep it fun.
  2. Take responsibility. If you see a minor typo on a page, take the initiative to fix it. Be Bold. If you are still in doubt, send the author a note. If you feel the site needs a new section, feel free to add pages, start a forum, etc.
  3. Stay on topic. This is about T-trak modules and the N scale trains that run on them.
  4. No SPAM. Don't hyper link to hobby stores, suppliers or ebay pages. Show what you made not what you have to sell.
  5. Keep image file sizes small (less than 300 KB). We only have so much free storage space. No Faces of Kids.
  6. Use common sense.
  7. People who don't play nice with others may be banned.
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