How To Construct The Basic Module

To see the specifications for standard module sizes as well as track center-to-center distances please visit or reference the module blueprints below used by North Texas T-Trak. This is important if you plan to join your module to one built by someone else (which is really the whole point of T-Trak in the first place). Be sure to also refer to the document T-Trak Interface Guidelines Version 1.

Keep in mind there are other methods to build a module that meet the proper interconnection standards (i.e. track height). Several of these are covered in the unofficial T-Trak handbook (see T-Trak Related Links). A running list of other methods can be found in the tutorial section, Module Construction Methods

Other module design and construction techniques:



Above: The single module with a coat of paint and track installed is now ready for scenery.

The following blueprint is for a 180 degree corner module.


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