How To Find Or Start A T-Trak Club

Finding an Existing Club Near You

We are adding to the list of clubs even if the members have not yet found this wiki or posted pictures here. Look there for links to club Websites and FaceBook pages.

Other recommendations include:

  • Ask people at your local hobby store about clubs.
  • Attend a Model Railroading show and talk to people there.
  • Be sure to check the T-Trak Related Links

Starting a New Club.

Someone has to take the first step. Maybe that person is you. You should still check the ideas listed above. You may also want to add a post below if you have other questions. Many clubs have started with one person, four corner modules, two single modules, and the will to exhibit at train events.

If you are serious about starting a club, then take a picture of at least one completed module and set up a NEW club page on this wiki. In the club description, make it clear you are the only member so far and invite others to contact you.

If you don't want to start a club on your own, consider adding your name to Seeking T-Trak Friends

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