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About Me or What I Like Most About T-Trak

Hi, I have been interested in T-TRAK for some years, in Model Railways since the '70's. My theme is Japanese Railways and I am working most of my modules to fit within that theme where I can.

T-TRAK gave me the chance to get into Model Railways, a chance that no amount of wishing for a layout could manage to achieve. I started collecting some N gauge trains and track around 1977 but it never managed to get any further than 3 or 4 lengths of track on a piece of board. I was in the South Australian Railway so moved a lot. I also had a growing family which placed pressure on time and money. So until I first saw T-TRAK in 2008 it was always just a dream. T-TRAK gave me the means to make something small and within my time budget and monetary budget. The first module was literally built on the kitchen table with family members contributing especially where the eyesight wasn't up to the fiddly bits ;)

My Modules

Japanese Maintenance Depot
Japanese themed T-Track Layout

I have at present a single and a quad module. I have plans to be building a large layout of T-TRAK Compatible modules but they are still just plans at this stage.

My modules have appeared on the Australian T-TRAK Galleries and my track plans are also in their Files section.

My other pages

Various T-Track module plans

My Trains

At present I have a few trains. My pride is a new comer, the Tomix Sanriko Class 36 railcar, released as a very limited edition in Japan as a fundraiser for the Tsunami Relief Appeal. It is only a display model but I hope to be able to build a module to hold it and tell the story behind it.

My other rollingstock is surprisingly from Fleischmann as the centrepiece of the new layout will be a section of rack railway to suggest the only working rack railway in Japan, the Oigawa Railway.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%8Cigawa_Railway_Ikawa_Line Wikipedia entry for the Ōigawa Railway Ikawa Line
I have two of the Fleischmann rack rail locomotives, the blue and white 7305 and the all red 7307. I have several of the blue and white 4 wheel carriages and some of the red and white series as well. So far I have 10 pieces of the 222mm rack track which is just enough for my current plans.

I also have other 4 wheeled rollingstock such as some fuel tank wagons and a car carrying wagon. These may go onto the layout or else eBay-ed to other collectors.

My Links

My still-developing web site: My site

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