Inglenook Shunting Puzzle (Signal Module 4)

Built By: Dan

Description: An Inglenook Sidings puzzle on a triple-length module, including a connection to the main line. The main line has two signals that work with our other signal modules, all controlled by JMRI running on a Raspberry Pi computer.


The scenery is basic and the controlling circuit boards are on show because this is primarily a demonstration module for playing the shunting puzzle. The module construction is one of our standard "heavyweight" type, assembled from 11mm OSB with 2x3 blocks in the corners for the module feet to screw into.

The group of switches on the module front control the servo-operated points. The right-hand switch controls the connection to the main line and needs to be released by the signaller controlling the layout before the servos will respond: this prevents a train from leaving the sidings without the layout controller's permission.

The electronics kits are from MERG. The module uses a modified CANACC8 input/output circuit, a DTC-2 track occupancy detector, a Servo4 servo controller and a T33/25 optical detector circuit. The electronics communicates back to the Raspberry Pi over a bus cable that connects the T-Trak modules together.

MPTT_SM4_1.jpg View from the circuit boards end of the module.
MPTT_SM4_5.jpg View from the sidings end of the module.
MPTT_SM4_3.jpg We use MERG CBUS electronic kits on our signal modules. The shunting puzzle module includes two MERG DCC cab sockets on the front fascia.
MPTT_SM4_6.jpg A N Gauge Society Hunslet shunter working on the shunting puzzle.
IMG_0902.JPG The shunting puzzle module was used as carriage sidings for our class 150 and 153 diesel units at the Swindon Railway Festival 2023, allowing the units to be tucked away until we had show visitors volunteer to drive them.
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