Iron City Logo

Built By: Kevin S

Description: Single width, narrow depth (8.25 inch) module, build using the "Building Modules with 1x3s" tutorial.

I had a space in my storage bin for one more "narrow single" - as long as it had no scenery on top. No scenery is boring, so it would have to be removable scenery. The storage box couldn't handle a lot, but something flat would work well…. Then inspiration hit thanks to one of those "pop-up" greeting cards. Make a module that is based our logo:


Doug R was gracious enough to laser cut out the city scape and text, and then 3D print out an O-scale girder bridge piece. I painted and glued them up. The city scape and the girder are both removable for packing thanks to some pins & holes added to the base.

Photo 1: at it's first show (photo credit goes to Jim H )


Photo 2: You can see the pins that hold the city scape , and the holes for the girder. You will also note the pins (bamboo skewers) added to the girder.

Photo 3: You can see the "flat pop-up" nature of the overall design.

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