Iron City N-Scale Modelers

Description: We are an "unclub" (see unconference for reference) that is based online via Facebook Groups. We do not have a physical meeting location, nor do we have a formal club structure. We are a bunch of people who all enjoy model railroading. Members are from all over, and everyone is welcome. Our T-TRAK layouts and active participants center around Western Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh and the Tri-State region.

Location: Online FB group, with a focus on Western PA (but not limited to)

FaceBook Page:

T-Trak Standards:

  • Track spacing: 33mm Spacing
  • Fascia Color: We do not have an official standard for fascia color. Prefer it to be a dark, flat color (forest green, charcoal grey, black, etc); but if pink with yellow polka-dots works well with your scenery, we are OK with that too!
  • Skyboards: Optional, but most of our members prefer them. Prefered height is between 10-12 inches above the deck. But again, if something smaller or taller works for your scenery, we are OK with that too! If you have a Skyboard, we encourage you the make them removable so they can "play well" with other organizations who do not use skyboards, or should we need to remove them for a specific show and/or specific unforeseen reason.
  • Wiring: T-TRAK standard of "blue to the outside"
  • Power: We run both DC and DCC depending on the show and/or the participants coming. We encourage that all straight modules (Doubles, Triples, etc) have powerdrops. Powerdrops on singles can be considered "optional".

Club Events, Members and Modules

Iron City N-Scale Modelers have opted to list our modules by owner, not by club. (We are an unclub, you would expect us to be a little bit troublesome :-D ) We do have a few modules that are either (a) built by a member specifically for club use, or (b) are built/owned by a person who does not want to be listed. Those modules will be listed as "owned by club". Please go to the ICNS Modules page to see a full list of modules associated with our unclub.

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