Japanese Maintenance Depot

Built By: Ian Loxton

Description: A single module showing a freelance Japanese Rail Maintenance Depot with scenic background


This module was built between 17 May 2009 and 5 June 2009 ready for the T-TRAK display at the Adelaide Model Railway Exhibition that year. It was completed just in time for delivery to the organisers on the Friday ready to be running on the Saturday 6 June. I had not seen any T-TRAK module before nor did I have any power systems nor working locos/rollingstock to test the module out. Thankfully it performed well once I had cleaned out some rubbish blocking the blades of the points.

By the 10th June the module was being dismantled to rebuild elements such as the points and the location of the main line - I had measured to the middle of the line instead of the to the edge of the plastic "roadbed". It never ran again as a Maintenance depot and all the elements of track, vehicles, buildings etc went onto my quad module. The box was used as a multimedia module for the 2011 Rail show but at present is being rebuilt into a Mountain Line module ready for next year.

The platforms are from Tomix. The yard buildings, fencing and TMS 1000 loco and vehicle units are all from GreenMax. The locos are non-powered display models.

The track pieces at the ends are from KATO and so are the points. The rest of the track is from PECO.

Here is the module on display as part of a smaller display showing people how a basic layout might be built.


The eagle eyes might notice that there is a setback of around 1/8th inch at the front of the module caused by my error in setting the start point for the main lines.

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